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Adventures in Set Design: Alec Edition

Alec's flat, as seen in Home Invasion

I've mentioned before about my synesthesia, and how strongly it affects my naming of characters, but it also affects the places they live in my mind. Alec is a very earth tone coloured person, so his flat is very earthy in colours. The brown in the main area of the flat should be more to the yellow, but I couldn't find a shade that didn't look sort of...crappy in a literal sense, so it's a bit more to the blue.

It's not a big flat, so I'll give you the aerial shot first. Clicking the pictures makes them big. Clicking again makes them bigger.

Alec Flat Redo Aerial

You'll see most of everything later on, but the big yellow stripe by the doors to the loo and bedroom is a glow-in the dark strip. I never got a good shot of it, but there's a little step that goes up to that area. The strip is there so no one trips in the dark. The step is loosely based on a weird flat I looked at which had steps going up into the ensuite in the master bedroom.

Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen/Office--Left Side

Alec Flat Redo01 Alec Flat Redo03

This is the view coming in the door if you turned left. A little telly viewing area, and the computer area. The 'crabitat' is there. It's not appropriate for crabs, but unsurprisingly, there were no hermit crab tank models out there. A crappy, slightly ugly couch. There's a PS3 there for gaming and Blurays, and it's hard to see, but there is crab food, and a dvd collection on the shelves there. The clock is made up of old licence plates. There are clear side tables, but they didn't render properly in this view. I didn't do quite as much decorating in this layout, so there should be a lot more crap lying around.

The office is for teachery-stuff. There's a generic London Underground photo there--I had a hard time finding wall stuff for Alec's flat. The shoe box is where he keeps letters and thank you notes from students he's taught. His satchel is there as well. The lamp bends so you can move the light to different places. There should be a rug here, but I had a hard time finding them as well. There's also an iPhone dock on the shelf, but it's hard to see.

Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen/Office--Right Side

Alec Flat Redo02 Alec Flat Redo04

Views to the right from the door. The open window area with the counter and stools was very, very vivid in my mind. Oddly, neither side of the flat had windows in my mental view, so I had a hard time deciding which side I wanted them on. There's a coat stand there, and a weird mirror on the wall. Lots of shelves around the kitchen. I didn't put anything on them, but there would be cookbooks and ingredients and crap on there in real life. I forgot to put blinds or curtains on the windows, but there would be those as well.

Alec Flat Redo05

Bedroom. Pretty small and generic. There's a dresser to the right, out of frame. The picture on the wall is a Wordle of 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. I'm not sure if it's quite right, but I really had hard time with wall stuff. Alec read English at uni, so I thought it might appeal to him. If you're interested in my synesthesia, there's Alec's colours in that picture. The red and green are 'Alec' and 'Thornton', and the rest are his personality. It's coincidental, I didn't plan it that way, but it works.

Alec Flat Redo06

Ubiquitous loo shot. Quite a small one. There should be a shower curtain, but I couldn't find a good one.
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