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Abby Verse Launch Page

Abby 'Verse AU Stories [Pinboard]
The adventures of John, Sarah, Gladstone and Abby

Strange Flatmates (John Watson is acquired by a dog.) [PG, 2,635 words]

Homecoming (Sherlock Holmes comes home. Neither John nor his dog are particularly welcoming.) [R, 1,628 words]

Balancing Act (After Sherlock's return, John attempts to balance his relationships, while Sherlock takes a more literal approach to balancing things.) [1,086 words]

Moving On (John and Sarah take another huge leap in their relationship—moving in together.) [PG, 3,722]

Decent Proposals ( In which John proposes to Sarah—twice—and Sherlock Holmes has very bad timing) [G, 1,650 words]

Best Man (Sherlock gives a Best Man speech. Of sorts) [G, 411 words]

Perfect (Abigael Watson makes her way into the world and her first visitor is the last person anyone would have expected.) [PG, 2,187]

The Supply John Watson (Lestrade used to do John Watson's job before John Watson came along. Now that John has a newborn, Lestrade finds himself doing it again) [PG, 2,575

Otits Media (John pays a late night visit to Baker Street with a very sick child. Disrupted experiments, hair-drying, and unscientific remedies ensue.) [G, 3,252 words]

Christmas Future (John has Christmas dinner with his family--both the official and the adopted members.) [PG, 2,855 words]

The Voice in Counterpoint (A case is interrupted by John's family, and Sherlock doesn't mind as much as he thought he would.) [PG-13, 2,897 words]

Cold Case Day (Abby Watson turns two years old. Sherlock Holmes attends her birthday party.) [G, 3, 674 words]

Brothers and Sisters (Mycroft pays a visit to Baker Street to do some consulting, and finds himself assisting in child-minding.) [PG, 2,305 words]

Gather Near to Us, Once More (The annual Christmas Eve Baker Street celebrations (now slightly not at Baker Street), from the point of views of those attending.) [PG, 6,392 words]

A Faulty Radar for Fun (Sherlock Holmes turns 40 and celebrates it exactly as he wants to.) [PG, 2,820 words]

Proper Care (Sherlock finds himself sofa-ridden and a bit silly, and is cared for by all three Dr Watsons—John, Sarah, and Abby.) [PG, 4,632 words]

Odd, but Good (Abby Watson turns three, and her family come together to celebrate—including an unexpected one.) [PG, 5,597 words]

Wedding Duet: The Pleasure of Your Company is Requested & A Reception Will Follow (Molly and Alec get married. Their friends are there to cheer them on.) [PG-13, 10,088 words]

Domestic Science (Sherlock learns what John does in a day, John learns how to make bunches, Abby learns how to form a hypothesis, and a stupid amount of fairy cakes are made.) [PG, 4,119 words]

The Nail that Sticks Out (Abby starts preschool, despite Sherlock's feelings on the subject.) [G, 4,115 words]

Paint Fumes (The Watson Household is infiltrated by a distressed Consulting Detective for the night.) [PG, 5,323 words]

Doctor Princess (Mycroft pays a visit to Baker Street on Hallowe'en and discovers a doctor princess, an unwelcome dog, and, perhaps most frightening of all, a brother who is nice to small children.) (G, 4,525 words]

Shiny Shoes and Microscopes (In the midst of a somewhat stressful Christmas, John finds Christmas morning with his family and Sherlock a pleasant affair.) [PG, 5,946 words]


OTP Challenge: John and Sarah

the adventures of Molly Hooper and Alec Thornton...

Settling for the Best (Molly Hooper smiles at a fit man in a coffee shop, and things just get better from there.) (PG, 2,665 words)

Getting Things Sorted (Love in the exotic fruit aisle) [G, 243 words]

Home Invasion (Alec's flat is invaded by a mad detective and his doctor.) [PG, 2,646 words]

Sleepover (Molly and Alec take care of Abby Watson for the night. ) [PG-13, 4,249 words]

Exception to a Rule (Alec has a question to ask which he doesn't quite accomplished as planned, but Molly has the most definite answer she's ever given.) [1,614 words]

40 Miles (Alec's day out with his godson includes a run-in with Sherlock Holmes. Who turns out to like toffee and knows about dinosaurs.) [G, 1,795 words]

Luna di Miele (Molly and Alec go on their honeymoon.) [PG, 5,851 words]

The Teacher's Wife (Molly attends her first school Nativity play as the wife of a teacher.) [G, 3,824 words]

OTP Challenge: Alec and Molly
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