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10 October 2013 @ 08:25 pm
Trio 'Verse Launch Page  

Sherlock/Skyfall AU Stories [Pinboard]
The one where Q is a Holmes brother...


Trio (Three perspectives. Three hospitals. Three Holmes.) [G, 2,347 words]

Lessons Mini-series:
Codes (A crisis at home causes Siger to take Mycroft to London on the train to stay with his in-laws, and he passes on some important knowledge along the way. ) [PG, 2,302 words]
Crabs (Sherlock and Siger make friends with an inhabitant at the beach house.) [PG, 1,979 words]
Computers (Siger and Trevelyan spend some time together--without a certain older brother there to interfere.) [PG, 2,589 words]

Pox (Chickenpox strikes the two youngest Holmes brothers—just in time for Mycroft's school break.) [G, 2,557]

Carry On (The Holmes brothers deal with the sudden death of their father, and Trevelyan learns how to carry on.) [PG-13, 4,671 words]

Big Brother Instincts (Sherlock goes to his brother's aid to stave off boredom, and they attempt to repair past damage done.) [R, 3,374 words]

Operation Stradivarius (Q does some field work, on a very personal mission.) [G, 2,522 words]

No Rest (Q just wants to get some sleep. Unfortunately, a certain brother has decided to break into his flat.) [PG, 5,006 words]

Simple Things (The Quartermaster, The British Government and the Deadman Walking come home for Christmas with their mother.) [PG, 6,013 words]

The Roles We Play (Q finds himself temporarily homeless, and is taken in by his big brother. ) [PG-13, 5,868 words]

Back to Normal (Sherlock Holmes returns. Q helps him get his life back.) [PG-13, 4, 245 words]

Happy Birthday (One year, four birthday celebrations.) [PG, 4993 words]

Most of the Time (Sherlock's little brother pays an unexpected visit to Baker Street, and, much to John's surprise, it turns out that Sherlock isn't that bad an older brother.) [PG-13, 3,722 words]

Normal Christmases (Sherlock fulfills his Christmas favours for the year, and accidentally has a family reunion with his brothers.) [PG, 2,866 words]

A Way Out (Q and Sherlock say goodbye. But maybe not forever.) [R, 2,302 words]

Acceptably Close to Love (In which Siger Holmes meets Metrodora Mycroft, and falls in fascination with her.) [PG, 3,178 word]

OTP Challenge: Siger and Dora

"What If?" Series:
Consult (Sherlock Holmes consults an expert for his case, and John meets the head of the Holmes family.) [PG, 2, 683]
Coffee (The new Quartermaster gets pulled out of Q-branch for a coffee break (and pep talk) with his father.) [PG, 1, 701]
Comfort (After one of his sons is injured, Siger Holmes is forced to do what he is the worst at—caring. ) [PG-13, 2, 521]
Michelle R. Wood on October 2nd, 2015 12:06 am (UTC)
Since I've not watched any of the Daniel Craig Bond movies (or, really, any Bond movies at all, I know, shame on me), I never understood the whole Q as Holmes brother thing.

But I finally saw the Quartermaster scenes from "Skyfall" and have to say the idea is spot on! Don't know who borrowed from who in look, but there's no way Q and Sherlock aren't related.
The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on October 2nd, 2015 02:34 am (UTC)
I know, right? I went into Skyfall aware of the Q-is-a-Holmes fanon, so I wonder if that coloured my perception, but everything from the hair to the casual danger dialogue ('hmmm, that's vexing' when Bond is about to be run over by a train is so Holmesian) made it hard for me not to jump on the bandwagon.