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Adventures in Set Design: John Edition

John Watson's Post-Reichenbach flat, as seen in 'The Caregiver' and 'The Great Mouse Conspiracy' (and others, if I can find the ending to them).

The front hallway is too small to get a camera in, but you'll be able to see it on the aerial shot at the bottom.

Living Room

I have to say, of everything I'd made with this programme, the first shot there is the closest I've ever come to exactly what I pictured in my head. Especially the far wall/fireplace area.

I've purposely made the flat a little blah and bare, as I don't picture John as being sentimental enough to have knick-knacks lying around. I didn't think he'd take much from Baker Street, either. I gave him the telly, and the Union Flag pillow, and his Medical Corps mug (which, although you can't see it very well, is textured with the proper logo on there). The desk is for writing, with his case notes there for reference. Gladstone also has a bed by the couch.


Kitchen area. The first view is from the front hallway, the second is within the kitchen itself. Actually quite big for a London flat of that size, but I needed Molly to be able to sit at a table in there. Washer/Dryer in the corner, and Gladstone's bowls on the floor. Mini fridge, very common in Europe.


Obligatory loo shot for aelfgyfu_mead. The shower curtain would be more opaque in real life, but refused to not be transparent despite my fighting with it.


Closets aren't common in England, so John has wardrobe and chest of drawers. The quilt on the bed is also in Abby's room in my Watson Home. It's John's quilt that his Gran made him. At the foot of the bed is his army trunk, which I thought he might use for storage.

And, finally, an aerial shot:

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