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I'd forgotten about the Holmesian scholar theory that Nero Wolfe is the son of Holmes and Irene Adler. I stumbled on to some seriously cute fanart of BBC Sherlock and Irene with baby Nero on tumblr. No wonder he grew up to be so agoraphobic and anal. He was raised by the two most irresponsible parents ever. :-p

But, it did made me ponder what Wolfe and Archie would be like in modern times. They're immortal after all. They never aged in the books, no matter what era they were in. I can just picture Archie trying to teach Wolfe how to send an e-mail or use a mobile phone, and Wolfe storming up to the orchid room where it's safe and technology free.
Tags: misc./non-fic, rantage and randomosity

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