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Adventures in Set Design: Q Edition

Q's flat was the first thing I built, and the reason I originally downloaded the programme, so I could wrap my head around the design for what ended up being "No Rest'. Thus, it's rather more detailed than some of my other designs. Also, it takes forever to render, so the pictures are smaller and less polished, and sometimes I couldn't do anything with the lights and had to go for the less quality settings.

I uploaded some images a while back, but this is the finished version.

Pictures get bigger if you click. Once again, apologies if they are linked back to the album. Photobucket sucks.

My intention for the flat was that it was government issued, something he inherited already decorated. It's meant to be an industrial loft, converted into flats from an old factory.


Entryway, the front door is behind the camera, and the door to the computer room is just in frame on the right. The door to the loo is in the middle, and the living room door is at the end of the hallway. Generic artwork, part of the predecorated elements.


Fairly straightforward stuff. There are floating stairs that go up to the bedroom mezzanine. Most of the furniture came with the flat, Q brought in the piano. The sculpture on the wall is supposed to be a music staff, but it rendered really weird. Next to the piano is a CD rack (none belong to Q, he uses MP3s) and there are books next to the telly (none belong to Q, he uses a kindle). Safe at the bottom of the stairs, and washer and dryer underneath them.

There's no option to turn off the ground in the programme, so the lights from the flat are projecting out onto the 'lawn' beyond the windows, hence the grey areas. Q's flat is on the top floor.


The bedroom above the stairs. I picture the glass as being more opaque, but I didn't have that option in the programme. There is storage under the bed, and a wardrobe to the right. A Vernet print on the wall to the left, honouring the ancestors.


Pretty generic loo. The door in the second picture leads to the computer room, and the boxy thing is a medicine/towel cabinet with nothing in it.


The computer room, which would have been the master bedroom originally, before Q converted it (because computers are more important than sleeping). The network on the right is for hacking and programming, with a seperate system to practice with viruses. The left is a design area for his inventions--a wacom tablet for drawing, and a toolbox for working on prototypes. The stress ball is on the table there, to ease cramp from drawing so long. Newton's cradle to play with when he's thinking and a globe for atmosphere.

The mezzanine is over the left hub, with a futon that gets used much more than his bed. The bookshelf there is actually full of the few books he has. The door to the loo is in the second picture.

And here's an aerial view of the layout:

And here, have a bonus of Q's bedsit, where he lived before joining the government and being upgraded:

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