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Sherlock Daemon Au Launch Page

Sherlock Daemons AU Stories [Portraits]
The one where everyone's souls are animals...
Out of Town ("Really, John and Subira had decided, it just wasn't a good idea to leave London.") [PG-13, 2,904 words]
Clouds and Ashes (The Holmes brothers say goodbye to their mother, and John is there to lend support.) [PG, 1,972 words]
Vigil (Sherlock waits for John to live or die, and learns what it's like to be the one waiting instead of the one being waited for.) [R, 3,767 words]

'Visit' Series:
Sherlock (As John and Subira do their physio to aid recovery from John's gunshot wound, Sherlock and Tzophiya drop in to be semi-comforting.) [PG, 2,565 words]
Molly (Molly brings a bit of gossip to John in hospital and helps him take a walk, while Sherlock acts a little more like himself.) [2,690 words]

Tags: fandom: sherlock (bbc), launch page

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