The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Half-Year Fic Roundup

Happy Canada Day! Bonne fête, Canada!

Note: Some links lead to comments or A03, depending on where or if I crossposted

Christmas Future (Sherlock, PG, Abby 'verse) [2,855 words]
One Warzone for Another (Dresden Files/Sherlock, R, 'believe' prompt) [4,251 words]
Lost For Words (Sherlock, R, 16 chapters) [57, 092 words]

The Two J. Watsons (Elementary/Sherlock, PG, for joonscribble) [335 words]
Citrus (Cabin Pressure, G, for aelfgyfu_mead) [633 words] (Second story, scroll down)
Otitis Media (Sherlock, G, Abby 'verse) [3,252 words]
Symphony for Violin and Wizard (Dresden Files, PG, mini!dresden 'verse, 'smile' prompt) [2,489 words]
Untitled (due South, PG, h/c meme for aelfgyfu_mead) [585 words]
Foul Illnesses (Avengers, PG, h/c meme for zee) [1,201 words]
Cold Blood (Sherlock, R, h/c meme for shadowfireflame) [1,673 words]

The Voice in Counterpoint (Sherlock, PG-13, Abby 'verse) [2,897 words]
Trio (Sherlock/Skyfall, PG) [2,347 words]
Hunter-Gatherer Instincts (Sherlock, G, for dustlines) [572 words]

After the Funeral (Sherlock, PG) [1,429 words]
Operation Stradivarius (Sherlock/Skyfall, G) [2,522 words]

Out of Town (Sherlock, PG-13, daemons AU) [2,904 words]
The Power of Names (Dresden Files, PG-13, AU, for dustlines and joonscribble) [1,487 words]
Spring Cleaning (Dresden Files, PG, daemons AU) [1,795 words]

All There in the Manual (Avengers, G) [936 words]
My Fair Captain (Cabin Pressure, PG) [3,560 words]

Total word count: 94,842
Total word count -Lost for Words: 37,750
# of stories: 20
Average Word Count: 4,742.1
Fandoms: Sherlock, Elementary, Skyfall, Cabin Pressure, Dresden Files, due South, The Avengers
Tags: fic roundup

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