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The latest series of Lewis was shown in the UK in two, hour-long episodes per story. So, six episodes overall. PBS just sent me a promotional e-mail telling me they are showing three, ninety minute episodes. Which would suggest they are cutting about thirty minutes per story, if I don't add on the ten minutes they've traditionally cut from a ninety-minute episode. Which have, on occasion, made the resolutions seem to be pulled from thin air.

Lame, PBS. I know you have hour- and two-hour long time slots for other Masterpiece profuctions. Why not just show them as they were intended to be shown?

ETA: Crisis averted, I forgot that ITV has commercials and PBS doesn't. 90minutes is enough time to cover both episodes with a standard PBS ten minute cut. I shall save my outrage for something else.
Tags: misc./non-fic, rantage and randomosity

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