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The Writer They Call Tay

Happy Birthday to Me! (And Sherlock Stuff)

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes, everyone! I'm not officially celebrating until Monday due to conflicting schedules, but I will endeavour indeed to have a very nice day!

Mum and I finished Sherlock last night. I also explained slash to her. She was confused. She's so cute when she watches TV, though.

[Reichenbach Fall spoilers]
John (on screen): My best friend, Sherlock Holmes, is dead.
Mum: What?! *matter-of-factly* That can't be right. He must be mistaken.

After John tells off Mycroft:
Mum: That Mycroft is such a bastard!

After the episode:
Mum: *very small, hopeful voice* Do we have Season Three?

I still find I get very tense watching the episode, even though I know what's going to happen. I suppose that's a sign of good teevees.
Tags: memeage, rantage and randomosity

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