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Curse you, ripe vegetables!

Has anyone else ever played the Nancy Drew computer games? They first came out when I was around fifteen or so and I've been playing them since. They're from Her Interactive ('For Girls Who Aren't Afraid of a Mouse', I've always liked that) and I was happy with them, because when they first came out there weren't a lot of games aimed at girls that didn't involve makeovers or boys. Anyway, they're a lot of fun and I always have to learn something to complete the game that's interesting. Like stenography or Mayan numbers or Spanish or electric circuits or French history or whatever. You can call Bess and George or the Hardy Boys, usually. In the first games you have to dial their numbers by hand every single time, but in the newer ones Nancy has speed dial on her cellphone. They let you talk things out with them, sometimes will send you information on things and will gives you hints if you ask. In one of the recent games, you could switch between playing Nancy and one of the Hardys (Frank?) as they each worked on a mystery and helped each other out. They are very interesting, cool games and even though it only takes me a few days to beat are always worth the money. I can usually never decide who the criminal is until Nancy does.

There are only two problems with the games, really. One is Nancy's voice. She sounds about forty and the actress delivers each line with such seriousness that it makes you cringe. 'How long have you worked here?' is delivered in the same tone of voice you might use to ask 'Why did you kill that puppy?', like, no not suspicious there at all, Nan. Also, her questions are so obvious it's a wonder the suspect doesn't come out and whack her right off. The other problem is that it's very easy to miss one small thing and get stuck later on, unable to go back and get it. In one game, I didn't pick up the pliers so I couldn't diffuse the bomb and I had to start my game over and play all the way through again. In the one I'm playing now, I picked unripe vegetables two days in a row (the pictures on Nancy's cellphone were no help, alright?) and now, on the third day, there's either no vegetables left or they are overripe. In either case, I get sent home. It looks like I have to start over. Over vegetables, people! I may leave it and play the other game that came in the two pack.


ETA: Does anyone know what the PC term for someone from India is? Can I use Indian without people assuming I mean Natives? Is East Indian an acceptable term? PC is so hard to keep up with.
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