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Adventures in Set Design: Watson Edition

The DVR broke, and then the SmartTv wouldn't stream Global, so I am Elementary-less until I can figure something out. I was very frustrated trying to fix it, and Mum quietly said 'I think you should go design some houses'. She knows me too well.

On that note, have some Watson Household!

I realize as I was writing that I actually had two opposing layouts for the Watson Home, so I decided to hash it out. And went overboard as usual.

Pictures under the cut. I've tried to find a work around to photobucket's link back to albums glitch, and I think I have, but if it flutzes up, I apologize.

All images get bigger if you click. Some of the rooms are quite small, so I could only get part of them in the frame at a time.


Front door and hallway on the main floor.

First image is from the kitchen and second is from the living room. The door on the right in the first image leads to the guest room. The door on the right in the second image leads to a very small loo, which is too small to get a camera in, so you won't be seeing it.

Living room and dining room.

The living room's pictures are just things I threw there for atmosphere. One of a candid of Zoe Telford, one of a promo from Sherlock with John and Sherlock (I like to think of it as a photo from an article about them that John finds amusing because Sherlock looks so grumpy), one of a random stock photo of a toddler, and one of baby!Gladstone. On the view into the dining room, the side table is where I imagined the Christmas tree to be in Christmas Future. Door in the dining room leads out to a small garden in the back.

Kitchen, as seen from the dining room.

The box at the end is the fridge, and the door next to it is a pantry that holds a washer and dryer. A lot of homes I looked at in London seemed to have their washing machines in the kitchen, but I don't know if that's common elsewhere in the world.

Note: pretty much all kitchens and bathrooms I will make with this programme will have the same models in them. It's far easier than trolling around trying to find unique ones.

Guest room on the ground floor.

Abby naps in that cot. There's a double bed there, and there's a TV out of frame on the right, which is not a permanent fixture but was there in a story I was writing and I needed to make sure it would fit in the room.

I didn't put curtains or blinds on the ground floor, but there are obviously curtains and blinds in 'real life'.


Master Bedroom.

I didn't have much of an idea of the upstairs, unlike the downstairs which was very vivid in my mind, so a lot of it was me playing around with things. I like to think that it was decorated when they arrived and they haven't bothered to do much with it, because it's fine and they have better things to do. Another random stock photo of a baby on Sarah's side of the bed. John's side is very clean because he doesn't sleep there as much he's a military man. The door is to a closet, and the camera is over a clothes hamper. The door to the hall is out of frame, just in front of the dresser. There should be more stuff in here, but...I didn't put any in.

Abby's room

Abby would have come along after they moved in, so her room is more customized than the rest of the house. I'm not entirely sure about the name on the wall, but short of building something myself, it was the best I could do in terms of decoration. There's a rocking chair just in frame on the left, with a quilt on it. I used the same quilt in John's post-Reichenbach flat, as a quilt his gran made him back in the day, and so I've passed it on to Abby. It's made of tartan patches. Uncle Sherlock's owl is on the dresser, though I picture it being nicer and less terrifying in 'real life'. There's a toy box out of frame on the lower right.

Again there should be more junk in there.

Rec room/John's Office

Third bedoom turned rec room. The camera is over a TV. Requistie Crappy Couch. I think of John has being a fairly well-known writer by this point, so I've given him a place to work. The communal bookshelf ignore that I've filled it with the same models repeating. The picture on the wall is a promo photo I turned into a sketch with photo effects. I have a story that died about a homeless network member that draws, and her sketchbook has sketches of Sherlock and John and other Baker Street residents in it. I thought she might have given John one, and he kept it tucked away forgotten somewhere until he moved, and Sarah framed it for him. Or something.

Upstairs Loo

The room is very small, so this is the best angle I could get. Camera is over the toilet.

Here's a couple of overhead views to get a better idea of the layouts.

Ground Floor

First Floor
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