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19 April 2013 @ 10:42 am
"There's a pilot in the attic, but don't worry, he never bothers anyone..."  
I've come to realize that I'm basically set designing with this programme. And having a really indecent amount of fun.

I've built a set for Martin Crieff's Attic. Below the cut, because I'm sure people are getting sick of these by now.

All pictures get bigger if you click.

Entrance and bed area. There's a door at the bottom of the stairs. The style of bed is called a captain's bed. I like to think Martin couldn't resist. Plus, storage! There's a coat hook and coat hanger there for hanging one's captain's uniform and hat on so they don't get damaged, plus a mirror to check one's captainly appearance. The bedside table has an alarm clock to make sure he's on time, and manuals for light bedtime reading. The art over the bed is a photo of a cockpit, for happy captainly dreams.

I choose the wallpaper because A) it's a bit ugly and B) it looks like clouds, which I thought would appeal to Martin.

Window area. Toaster oven for making toast (and the occasional baked potato), and an electric kettle for tea and Pot Noodle making. A cabinet for holding silverware and extra food. I imagine there's a shared kitchen, and he probably has a shelf in the fridge there, and access to more sophisticated equipment.

Far wall. An ugly chair, accidentally make even uglier by a rendering error that I liked so I kept. Maybe a manufacturer's mistake that Martin picked up for a low price. A bookshelf, probably full of books on aeroplanes. A little commercial airliner model. I wanted a Lockheed Martin or a McDonnell Douglas to keep the spirit of Finnemore's puns, but neither model would load. A desk and laptop for writing CVs. A crappy telly that probably only has its licence renewed when goings are good. The photo on the right is over England, and the photo on the left a more stylistic view from an aeroplane window. And a toy biplane, probably the equivalent of a teddy bear.

I do picture the furniture as being more banged up, but I don't really have that option in the programme. I did at least try to make the furniture have no sense of matching or belonging together.

For those interested, I imagine there's a shared loo as well.
aelfgyfu_mead: Watson plotaelfgyfu_mead on April 20th, 2013 06:25 pm (UTC)
Now I can see it! I see what you mean; some of the shadows look really weird.