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18 April 2013 @ 10:12 am
Factly Meme  
Modified from an old meme I found on my journal:

Give me the name of a character, pairing, 'verse, or story I've written, and I'll give you 3-5 facts about writing it/them. Headcanon, backstory, missing scenes, etc.

Feel free to ask for an OC.
donutsweeperdonutsweeper on April 18th, 2013 03:51 pm (UTC)
Since you said it was okay... MAL!!!
The Writer They Call Tay: Dresden: wizard wizardingawanderingbard on April 18th, 2013 04:46 pm (UTC)
Mal Dresden
1. Is very close to Murphy, even more so than Fay is. She acted as a mother figure after Miranda died, and is the only one he remembers.
2. Has inherited Miranda's love of music, though will favour piano and guitar over violin.
3. Has only a very little amount of magic. He will able to do basic protection spells and shields, but he won't be as powerful as Fay. No one will really mind. Not even Mal. He can watch TV.

Edited at 2013-04-18 04:48 pm (UTC)
donutsweeperdonutsweeper on April 18th, 2013 05:53 pm (UTC)
Awwww, #3 in paticular is just so perfect
aelfgyfu_mead: John Watsonaelfgyfu_mead on April 19th, 2013 01:23 am (UTC)
The Writer They Call Tay: SHERLOCK: Watson's cute noseawanderingbard on April 19th, 2013 01:44 am (UTC)
I'm hoping you mean Abby 'verse Sarah. Because that's who I did.

Sarah Sawyer
1. Sarah has two older brothers. She's the only girl. Her parents are divorced, and only manage very short periods in the same room as each other. They send dueling presents to Abby for holidays and birthdays. They both like John. Sarah uses him as a buffer. John dislikes this.
2. Whenever I write her, I have a sort of Zoe Telford/Amanda Abbington hybrid in my brain, but I don't know why. I think Sarah's sort of wry amusement reminds me of Amanda. I know I definitely base John and Sarah's physical interaction on Martin and Amanda. They have a very neat way of ignoring each other, but still being totally affectionate that I find appropriate for John and Sarah.
3. Her engagement ring looks like this.
4. She kept her maiden name after she got married, something Sherlock hated because 'the only good thing about you getting married was that I wouldn't have to remember it any more'.
5. She and John lived together for several months before he proposed. He actually proposed twice--first when he was slightly out of it on muscle relaxants at the A&E, and again when he was sober and assured her that he meant it.
aelfgyfu_mead: Sherlock and Johnaelfgyfu_mead on April 19th, 2013 01:53 am (UTC)
Yes! I was only thinking of Abby-verse Sarah; sorry, I should have been more specific.

Sarah uses him as a buffer. John dislikes this.
He would dislike it, but I'm afraid he has already shown time and time again that he is an expert buffer!

I . . . can't remember her last name either, actually.
The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on April 19th, 2013 01:56 am (UTC)
No worries! I think I've only written her outside of that verse a couple of times, anyway. And most of the facts would be the same.

It's Sawyer. Sarah Sawyer, a good alliterative name that ACD would approve of if he weren't too busy being appalled that people were still talking about Sherlock Holmes after all these years.
shadowfireflame: Sherlockshadowfireflame on April 20th, 2013 12:45 am (UTC)
Can I please request Mummy Holmes from Lost for Words? Her scene with Sherlock really touched me.
The Writer They Call Tay: SHERLOCK: Sherlock cameoawanderingbard on April 20th, 2013 12:57 am (UTC)
Of course you can, and thank you!

Metrodora Holmes

1. Mummy Holmes looks very much like Blythe Danner in my head, with a little bit of Benedict's real-life mum thrown in. (Bonus Fact: Father Holmes looks like Jeremy Northam).
2. Her maiden name is Mycroft. Metrodora means 'mother's gift', which is why I chose it. The observation skills come from her side of the family.
3. She plays the harp and viola. She travels frequently, and picks up and drops hobbies on a regular basis. It's hard for the boys to keep track of what she's interested in at the moment.
4. I picture her as being quite an indulgent, hands on mother when the boys were little, but not necessarily inclined to spoil. Just encouraging of her sons' interests, and more than willing to dig a hole in the garden to look for fossils or be held hostage by the Dread Pirate Sherlock if need be.
5. She knows quite a lot more about what Mycroft and Sherlock get up to than either of them think she does. She generally tries to stay out of their way, but won't hesitate to intervene if required. Sherlock describes her as 'swooping in and out like a hawk'.

Edited because Fact #2 got eaten along the way. Ooops!

Edited at 2013-04-20 12:59 am (UTC)
shadowfireflame: Sherlockshadowfireflame on April 20th, 2013 02:24 pm (UTC)
Oh, this is wonderful! Thank you! I love the image of her being held hostage by pirate!Sherlock. :D