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Meme stolen from _medley_.

20 things about The Dresden Files that I hold to be my own personal canon. (Mostly Harry related things).

1. Everything important Harry needs to carry is in the front pockets of his hoodie. Everything.

2. Harry tells Bob everything and always has. Bob knows all Harry's secrets, including the ones Harry doesn't know about himself.

3. Brown eyes are a Morningway trait.

4. Harry has excellent table manners from years at his uncle's giant table. He doesn't bother to use them anymore.

5. Justin regularly deposited copious amounts of money in Harry's bank account so Harry could keep traveling. Harry used the money to fund the cases he always seemed to find along the way.

6. Harry speaks several languages he picked up during his travels. He speaks none of them coherently.

7. Harry carries Bob's skull around with him from room to room when he's at home. It's automatic, but sometimes he forgets it and Bob finds himself stuck in one room or another. This makes him very grumpy.

8. Spaghetti is the only meal Harry can make. The rest of his diet consists of take out and food that doesn't require cooking. If Harry asks you over for dinner for any reason, he'll always make spaghetti. The garlic bread always burns, but he lives in constant hope.

9. The Morningway bloodline has a history of being very powerful and dying very young. Justin was the longest living Morningway in awhile.

10. Harry's biggest fear is losing his magic because he literally doesn't know what he would do without it. He considers himself completely useless aside from the magic.

11. Bob is perfectly capable of handling a wayward child with words alone. He could stop child!Harry in his tracks despite being unable to touch him. Harry could always tell when Bob was angry because he spoke very quietly. It terrified him. Reversely, Bob was the only person who could comfort Harry when he was upset.

12. Harry always wears his pentacle in addition to his shield bracelet, but he saves it for true emergencies. If/when he has kids, it'll be the thing he passes on to them.

13. The day after his father died was the first day Harry went to bed without his father tucking him in since he was three years old.

14. Harry can juggle four balls at once. It once saved his life.

15. Harry cries far more than he would like or is willing to admit.

16. On the list of things Harry likes to do, sleeping is very far down. Numerous women have informed him he looks troubled in his sleep.

17. Being on the road with his dad so much as a kid has made him a bit of a nomad. If he had the money, Harry would leave Chicago a lot more than he does.

18. Harry's other hidden talents: ice skating (he has the hockey stick for a reason), saying the alphabet backwards (a skill developed during very boring parties with Uncle Justin's creepy friends), being ambidextrous (he favours his left hand, however) and faking a British accent (all the better to annoy Bob).

19. Harry is a hugger and a cuddler.

20. Harry bought a large box of drumsticks from a music store that was going out of business a few years ago. He's used about half the box since then. He also has no idea how to play the drums.
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