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Head Injury Resources

While I was writing "Lost for Words", I did a whole bunch of research on head injuries, aphasia and hemiparesis. A lot of it came from the medical professional in my family, but I have a few links gathered as well, so I thought I'd share them, because someone else will probably find them useful.

Symptoms of Aphasia (breaks down the various forms and types of speech problems, with examples)
Wiki's Aphasia Entry (as always, to be taken with a grain of salt, but extremely informative, with links to various types of Aphasia)
Sarah Scott's Youtube Page (Sarah Scott is a young British woman, who had a stroke in her teens. Her mother recorded conversations with her at various intervals during her recovery, to track her progress and provide information about the condition. It's an excellent way to get a feel of how a person with aphasia speaks, as well as very inspiring to watch how she's improved over the years)
National Aphasia Association's Website (a good place to start, with a great guide for people interacting with those with communication disorders)
Burr Hole Drainage video (an animation of how a burr hole procedure is done. Not graphic, so a good way to watch without being grossed out.)
Wiki's Page on Subdural Haematomas
Wiki's Page on Traumatic Brain Injury (you can get links to pretty much everything you need from this one page)
Physiotherapy (in beta stages, so can be dodgy, but a good reference for excercises by type of injury, with diagrams)
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