The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

A Sibling Question

Anyone have any thoughts on whether Harry Watson is an older sister or a younger sister? I can give arguments for either one, mainly that John has the responsible, caregiving nature of a stereotypical older sibling, but the show seems to be trying to parallel Sherlock and Mycroft's relationship with John and Harry's, which would make Harry older. Unless John is supposed to be the Mycroft and Harry the Sherlock.

If we go by 'canon', a newspaper that flashes up during Reichenbach puts John's age at 37, and if you add to that with the (two!) original canon theories about Watson's birthday, he'd either have just turned 37, or be about to turn 38. Which would put him at 35-36 during Series One. On John's official blog, he refers to Harry as being 36 during Series One. Which would make her either slightly older, or the same age. But I think Sherlock would have mentioned if they were twins. And canon isn't exactly brilliant with keeping itself logical. If you go by John's CV, he's 28 in Series One, which, despite Martin Freeman's spritely appearance, is stretching things a bit.

So, I guess it's basically up to me what I want to make her. She's always been older in my mind, but I was just curious to see what everyone else thought, or if I've missed something.
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