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Things that are happening now...

- I have hurt my back. It is very painful. I do not know how I did it. I suspect it's some sort of vicious writing injury.
- My big story is all beta'd up now by my awesome beta. I'm sure this happens to everyone who looks at something too long, but I've got to the point where I've read through it so many times, I can't tell if it's okay any more. I mean, I know it must be, but it's like when you stare at something until your eyes lose focus. It's all just words, now! But I'm one step closer to posting and very excited!
- There is a sudden influx of people fav'ing my stories on Which is awesome! But hardly any comments. Some people have fav'd me, followed me, fav'd and followed every one of my stories and not left a single comment. I'm thrilled anyone's reading them at all, to be honest, but a quick 'hey, I like this' would be spiffy. I understand if you're just passing through, but if you can spend two hours reading and fav'ing, you have time to leave a comment.

G'luck to Benedict Cumberbatch at the Golden Globes tonight! I'll be watching Once Upon a Time and Dowton Abbey, but I'm sure I'll see every micro second he's on screen on Tumblr.

ETA: note to self: never assume it is safe to go to tumblr after Benedict Cumberbatch has failed to win an award. Do you hear that? That is the sound of a million fan girls weeping and beating their chests. Just going to hide quietly until the outrage dies down...
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