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So, I'm halfway through Season 2 of SG: Atlantis...

...and I thought I'd rant a little. *does not have an appropriate SG icon* Seriously, if I knew I'd be writing this much, I would have upgraded this account and not my icon journal. I do not have enough room for all my iconic needs! Hindsight, folks.

Okay, keeping in mind I've finished Epiphany and that's it. I need to go rent the last discs.

So far, it's pretty kickass. My mum is really enjoying it too. I like Ronon a lot and the elevation of Dr. Beckett to a more major character. I like some of the supporting characters too - especially Major Lorne and, even though I hate him, Colonel Caldwell.

My favourite episode so far is probably The Hive, just for the character interaction and brilliance. McKay hepped up on Enzyme and nattering around Weir in the gateroom? Brilliant! As was the the withdrawal seen with lovely doctor acting from McGillion. It's one of the best doctor scenes I've seen on TV - up there with the lost Pilot where Jack is asking Kate to sew up his back. Rodney is screaming and saying these horrible things and Beckett is just calmly answering - not upset, not angry, not being baited. That's what you want from a doctor. Also, Ronon and Teyla in the Wraith cell together (he gives her his coat to sleep on, so sweet!) is nice. I really like their dynamic and interactions. Plus, Ford in withdrawal and reverting back to 'sir' with Sheppard was nice. It made me want to kill him less. I know he's hepped up on Enzyme, but c'mon! Just shoot him in the head, he's right there, you have a gun, he's holding you hostage. Shoot him! Ahem.

So, I don't usually 'ship much with shows. I'm content to let things play out as they play out. But, I could settle for any of the following:
Ronan and Teyla (they're so cute together)
Lorne and Elizabeth (they have a nice relationship and Lorne is very, I don't know, patient with her. There's a little twinkle in the eye when he's dealing with her.)
Carson and Elizabeth (they just seem to have a nice dynamic together. They're sort of the two left behind a lot of the time, so they worry together)

I know there are a lot of John/Elizabeth shippers out there (*cough*joyfulfeather*cough*;-)), and I'm not opposed to it, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

A side note: Season 2 dvds have a French track on them! Season 1 only had Portuguese. So, I did a little watching in French. The voices are fairly good. I like Elizabeth and Teyla a lot, they both have very rich voices. McKay's actor has a really great voice crack. John and Ronon are both very deep and commanding. Beckett doesn't have a Scottish accent, of course, but his voice is very soothing with very round vowels, like a Southern France accent. A good doctor voice (I like doctors, can you tell?). The only voice that threw me was Ford. He has this deep, booming bass voice, deeper than Ronon's and it just does NOT suit him.

Couple of pronunciation notes:
Teyla = Tay-ee-la (very subtle third syllable thrown in)
Wraith = Race (which is understandable, the TH sound doesn't exist in French, which is why French people only pronouce the 'T' in words like 'path' and change 'the, them, those' to 'zee, zem, zose' or, if you're Canadian 'de, dem, dose'.)

Thus ends your French lesson and this rant. :D
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