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Probably One of the Weirder Questions I've asked...

I'm writing an odd little fic that may never be posted, but the plot bunny was nibbling my brain, so I'm working on it. It's semi-based in the Time Traveller's Wife universe, and I have a question for anyone familliar with either the book or... science.

Within the structure of the 'verse, people travelling through time cannot take anything but their DNA with them--even fillings fall out of their teeth. So what would happen if a person had dyed hair? Would the dye come out when they travelled or does it somehow bond enough with the hair to remain in place? From what I can tell, only permanent hair colour gets inside the hair shaft, the rest sit on top of it, and bleach changes the structure of the hair. So I think bleach would stay in place and maybe permanent colour, but not the others?

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?
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