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Yarr an' Avast!

Ahoy! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys, so belay yer workin' an' come celebrate! I'll grab t' grog, ye get the hornpipe ready for t' sea shanties. In celebration, I bring ye a wee snippet of a fic I be workin' on that fits the theme, yarr:

...the phone rang at quarter to six. It was Susan, checking some details for her story. I dodged all the questions I couldn't answer and answered the ones I could.

"That it?" I asked, glancing at my watch.

"Uh...yes," she said. I could hear her rustling some papers. "Big date?"

"Dinner," I answered. "Cooking for Murphy."

That might have made some girls jealous, but Susan had better things to do with her time. "Spaghetti?"


"How is the lovely lieutenant?"


"Oh." Actually it was more of an 'oh?'. "What about?"

"No story," I said, firmly. "I gave you front page material yesterday, you greedy wench. What more do you want from me?"

"I could make a list," she purred. I grinned at the wall. There was a pause. "Did you just call me 'wench'?"

"I'm taking pirate lessons. I really have to go, Suz, I'll talk to you soon."

"I have ways of making you talk, Dresden."

"Looking forward to them. Bye!"

- Exerrrpt from As Yet Unnamed Multi-Chapter Fic by Bard, yarr

Enjoy the rest of yer day, landlubbers.
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