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Lame, Disney!

So apparently Disney has a new policy that none of their DVD releases are available for rent until 30 days after the release date. So The Avengers came out today, but you can't actually rent it until the 25th of October, you can only buy it. Luckily, I went with the intention of buying, and apparently that was a good choice since after the first day of release, the price goes up by $5 to buy it.

I want to know what sort of sense this is supposed to make? I mean, I suppose they're thinking people will get tired of waiting and just buy the DVD, but in the meantime, I would think you're losing a hell of a lot of revenue by not having it available to rent. This includes their direct-to-DVD releases as well, so, as the clerk told me today, she could have rented Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 several times, but mothers aren't going to pay $36 for a movie they've never seen.

Considering how easy it is to get anything on the internet these days, it seems to silly to encourage piracy like this. And what about the people who have waited patiently and didn't bootleg movies, and now have to wait an extra 30 days to see the movie they've been waiting for?

Very lame, Disney.
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