The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Opinion Time!

Does anyone have any thoughts on what flavour of fencing Sherlock Holmes might pursue? Foil, epée or sabre? I've done some research on wiki because I don't know much about fencing and I've watched the different types on youtube, but I'm still a bit unsure as to which one he'd prefer. I know in the original stories he is a 'singlestick' player, which seems to be a practice sword for the sabre, but the sabre fencing seems less about defense than offense and more about flying at each other and trying to hit than fending off attacks. The epée style was created to make it feel more like a 'real' duel, but the foil fencing looks to be more what a pirate would use, which we all know Sherlock wanted to be.

Anyone out there more familliar with the sport to know what would suit him best? Whatever would require the most concentration and cleverness to be good at, I suppose. Or does anyone know if it actually states anywhere which style Holmes uses in the stories?
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