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OC Memes are the Best Memes

From joonscribble:

Pick one or more OC you've written and answer the following questions.

I chose Forrester and Mason.

Dr. Darcy Forrester

1. Where has this OC made appearances in your fics?
Forrester is in Somnus, "God Laughs" and "Life Support".

2. Who is this OC?
Dr. Forrester is a diagnostician at Cook County Hospital in Chicago who frequently helps out Harry Dresden when he's injured, because he's in on the whole 'magic exists' thing. He was born in the North of England, which you can hear in his accent when he gets angry and educated in London, coming to Chicago to do his fellowship. He's married to Samara, an Anglo-Indian, who technically edits books for a living, but mostly just gets obsessed with things and takes lots of classes to learn about them. They don't really need the money. He also has a younger brother named Brandon who is a GP in London and apparently works with John Watson, as he inserted himself into "Sick Day" and I decided to roll with it.

3. What does this OC love most in this world?
It's a toss up between his job and his wife. Samara totally knows this and doesn't hold it against him. When it came down to it, he'd choose her over his job, though. And then find a new job.

4. What does this OC hate most in this world?
Not having the answers.

5. How did you come up with this OC?
I needed an exposition man for Somnus, to explain how the sleeping sickness was affecting people. I swear I did not invent Forrester, he threw himself into the story with all his characteristics and introduced himself without me thinking about it. People seemed to like him and I'm rather fond of him, so I gave him a larger role in the story than originally planned and he's popped up here and there since. I have a couple more stories with him on the go, but I've lost my Dresden mojo a bit. I'm sure I'll get them done one day.

Mason Renwyck

1. Where has this OC made appearances in your fics?
Mason is in "Communing with the Dead" and "Shattered Glass"

2. Who is this OC?
Mason is a fixer of clocks, watches and other things with gears. He has a little shop in Chicago, which is haunted by a ten-year old girl ghost named Caroline Carrington and her cat, Davy. He is also friends with Harry Dresden, who frequents his shop every time his watch breaks. Mason is hard-of-hearing, having ruptured his eardrums as a child. He wears hearing aids and uses sign-language to communicate with those who understand it. He has boyfriend named Elgan, who is a naturopath, and his mother owns a bakery.

3. What does this OC love most in this world?
His shop and all the people, ghosts and animals that inhabit it.

4. What does this OC hate most in this world?
People yelling at him because they think he can't hear them.

5. How did you come up with this OC?
Mason is actually an old Harry Potter RPG character. My friend played Elgan and wanted him to get together with one of my other (very straight) characters. I toyed with making the character bisexual, but it didn't seem to be right for him, so I offered to make her a new character for Elgan to be with and Mason was born. Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to play him before the RPG collapsed and so when I realized he fit well into the Dresden Files world, I tossed him in. My friend graciously allowed me to borrow Elgan as well, but I can't do him justice at all. In his orignal form, Mason was a shop keeper in Diagon Alley, a former Ravenclaw (hence his last name, which means 'from the raven's nest') and a muggle born. Elgan, a Hufflepuff with a pet badger, worked at St. Mungo's and was a healer at Hogwarts.
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