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20 June 2012 @ 10:48 am
Question time!  
I haven't been on a plane since I was a very small child and the only thing that I remember about it was that there was very good cheese. Which is not useful for the story I'm trying to write. My mum doesn't like flying, so we drove everywhere when we traveled.

Can anyone who has flown more recently let me know the rough order of things before take off? When does the safety demonstration happen? Does the captain address the plane before take off and if so, what sort of things might he/she say? Or does it happen once you're in flight? Any sort of outline would be greatly appreciated.

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Human Collaborator Flunkie Pool!fic Musejoyfulfeather on June 20th, 2012 04:00 pm (UTC)
Oh man, I fly all the time and I'm not 100% sure about this. It may depend on the airline. Here's my best recollection:

While boarding, the flight attendants remind you to put bigger items in the overhead bins and smaller items under the seat in front of you.

Once the doors are closed, the flight attendants ask you to turn off all electronic devices and put your seat backs and tray tables in their full upright positions.

The safety demo is while you're on the ground, continuing as you taxi out to the runway. Fasten your safety belt low and tight across your lap. To release, pull up on the buckle. There are X number of exits. In the unlikely event of a water landing, remove the life vest from under your seat. To inflate, pull on the cord or blow into the tubes to manually inflate. If the plane loses cabin pressure, masks will drop from the ceiling. Place the mask over your mouth and nose and breathe normally. Oxygen is flowing even if the bag is not fully inflated. Remember to put your own mask on before helping anyone else.

After takeoff, the captain (sometimes the first officier) will get on and greet the passengers, tell what the weather is like, how long it'll take to get there.

When you pass 10,000 ft, a flight attendant will tell you that you can now use approved portable electronics.

Once at cruising altitude, beverage service starts. Sometimes the seatbelt sign will stay on until after beverage service is done.

The seatbelt sign will go back on when the final descent begins. The pilot will get on the line again and tell the passengers that final descent is starting, what the weather is like, what time they'll be at the gate.

Once on the ground, you can use your cell phones. Can't get up until the plane is stopped at the gate.

I hope that helps!
The Writer They Call Tay: DW: Rose cutieawanderingbard on June 20th, 2012 07:05 pm (UTC)
That's perfect! Thanks so much! :-)