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Ridiculously Late Reviews: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

So I finally saw the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes sequel tonight. Have I mentioned I haven't been to the movies in three years? The last movie I saw in theatres was Star Trek. I kinda think I should wait for the sequel now, just to make a nice bookend thing.

Anyway! Game of Shadows thoughts below the cut. Rambling and spoilery.

First off, I enjoyed it. Not as much as the first one, but I still enjoyed it. I loved the first forty-five minutes or so, when it was mostly Holmes and Watson being delightful together. That's all I ask for in a Holmes adaptation. Holmes and Watson being bros.

Such subtle sweetness from Holmes, as it should be. Hugging Watson when he realizes he's getting married, safe guarding the ring because he knows Watson has a gambling problem, holding his hand to get him into the church because Watson doesn't have his cane, the bittersweet look on his face when he knows he's lost Watson to Mary, going to Moriarty to try and keep Watson and Mary safe. Really great, subtle character moments beautifully portrayed by both actors.

The Ritchie movies are very respectful of Watson's character. I really like Watson deducing with Holmes, being useful to him instead of just standing around being awed. Law!Watson gets things done and I love that.

Once we got into the actual plot, the movie started to lose me. Everything that happened in Germany was completely unnecessary and not true to the original stories. I've never been a canon nazi. I can enjoy most things without stressing over whether they match the canon, but the entire section in the woods was completely not in keeping with a Holmes story and went on far too long. I can handle my Holmes being able to fistfight and kick ass. Fair enough. But nowhere in a ACD story were there ever explosions, missiles or machine guns. No.

Otherwise, I liked it. Mycroft and Mary were great, I love how Mary can totally hold her own with Holmes and Watson. I also liked seeing a happier version of a Sherlock/Mycroft relationship. I accept that Ritchie!Holmes had a fling with Adler and I thought Holmes' reaction to her death was really well handled. Downey's Holmes is adorable and ridiculous and I enjoy him.

But no to Germany. No.
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