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Merlin: The Sword in the Stone pt 2

God, I love this show.

- omg Colin Morgan! I have been praising you all season, but you sir are great! The scene in the cave with Aggravaine where he's just being so badass and scary and, wow, and then all his scenes with Arthur. I just love how he's grown-up this season and become the (fairly) competent advisor we know from legend. Just awesome.
- Thank you for not killing Gaius or Leon. Also, please find Leon some medieval hair gel before next season.
- Aithusa, if you end up being the reason we get more Morgana next season you are in big trouble young man!
– Tristan and Isolde, I didn't know you long, but you still made me tear up a little. Tristan cradling her by the pillar was so sad and Bradley made it ten times worse with the look on his face.
- Merlin, if you had a spell that takes away Morgana's magic, couldn't you have used it way earlier and prevented all this in the first place? Seriously, she was being evil in the castle for like a year before she went full on nuts. It is well-established that you can get anywhere in Camelot without any trouble. Why didn't you do it then?
- The actual sword in the stone section was great. See also: Colin Morgan.
- And that's it! Thanks for a pretty great season, writers. I feel like my show has grown-up a little and I approve.
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