The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Merlin: The Sword in the Stone pt. 1

So much better than last week.

- Oh hai Hunith. Nice to see you again. The series one finale didn't explicitly state you lived, so yay that you did.
- I enjoyed simpleton!Arthur so much. I love when they let Bradley do comedy. I love where he's just in the background, randomly hugging a tree. But a) I'm glad they stopped it when they did because for some reason I felt really sad when they were sitting at the fire together and I thought Merlin making him do the dishes was a little...creepy? There's taking away his free will for his own safety and the there's making him serve you like a slave. B) this is totally why magic got banned in the first place, Merlin. And c) I do not even want to know about the kinky fanfics this inspired.
- Autocorrect changed the above to 'kinky fabrics'. I don't want to know about them either.
- I enjoy slo-mo more than most, but it was a bit excessive.
- Tristan and Isolde are cool. Mostly because I love both Ben Daniels and May-December romances. And the name Isolde.
- I think this must have been filmed in the same block as the first two episodes, because Colin is all deep-voiced and mumbly again. It's like he's hit puberty or something.
- Hey Gwaine, ilu bb! Thanks for being badass and contributing to the plot. P.s if you go evil, I will hunt you down.
- Also, Sir Leon and Gaius better survive the next episode. Well, everyone should, except maybe Aggravaine and Morgana. But Leon and Gaius seem the most expendable at this point.
- Way to still suck at being evil Morgana.
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