The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Merlin: The Hunter's Heart

A fairly boring episode up to the last ten minutes or so.

- I mentioned previously that Arthur needed a haircut. This Cathy Rigby thing he has now isn't much better.
- Colin must have been sick while filming this episode. His voice sounded soooo deeeep.
- If Morgana had enough time to recite that length of spell, she had enough time to kill Gwen. I'm just saying, ironic killing by your beloved is all well and good, but nothing gets the job done better than a good knife through the heart. This is why you aren't getting anything done, Morgana.
- I'm glad they made Mithian a worthy love interest. She's just not the right love interest. They could have made her foul and I'm pleased they didn't.
- CSI: Camelot amused me. Can we just get an episode where we follow Gaius around and watch him be grumpy all day?
- Seriously, Morgana, get your act together or get lost.
Tags: rantage and randomosity

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