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Merlin: The Herald of a New Age

Space messed up and showed episode 10 last night instead of episode 9, but thankfully there was only one point I was confused about and they have episode 9 up to stream so I will catch it later. In the meantime, thoughts on episode 10.

- So, Gwen has been banished? For some reason I very much guess is due to Lancelot last episode? That was the only point that confused me. But I shall know once I see the other episode. No spoilers, please.

- Otherwise, a very coherent episode. It find it funny always feel the need to mention when the show makes sense. I never really care if it does or not, but I feel proud of it when it does.

- I love Merlin's open snarking at Arthur. Merlin has always been a bit of a sark, but it's been played up a lot this series and it's nice. It brings a new level to the Merlin/Arthur friendship. I also love that Merlin's reaction to Arthur's breakdown is to tease him about it. That is such a guy reaction.

- Speaking of which, kudos to Bradley for delivering the hell out of that speech. I also didn't see that twist coming, so double points to the writers for that. I've gotten so used to the "Uther was a heartless bastard" thing, that it never occurred to me that Arthur might have done some crappy things too.

- Also nice to see Elyan getting something to do. All the knights were good this episode. I liked Percival being the one to lull Elyan into a false sense of security, since they have a sort of Those Two Guys vibe. I still don't know why Percival asked for his chain mail without sleeves, though.

- Creepy boy was suitably creepy. Elyan speaking with creepy boy's voice was silly.
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