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04 March 2012 @ 03:10 pm
Merlin: The Herald of a New Age  
Space messed up and showed episode 10 last night instead of episode 9, but thankfully there was only one point I was confused about and they have episode 9 up to stream so I will catch it later. In the meantime, thoughts on episode 10.

- So, Gwen has been banished? For some reason I very much guess is due to Lancelot last episode? That was the only point that confused me. But I shall know once I see the other episode. No spoilers, please.

- Otherwise, a very coherent episode. It find it funny always feel the need to mention when the show makes sense. I never really care if it does or not, but I feel proud of it when it does.

- I love Merlin's open snarking at Arthur. Merlin has always been a bit of a sark, but it's been played up a lot this series and it's nice. It brings a new level to the Merlin/Arthur friendship. I also love that Merlin's reaction to Arthur's breakdown is to tease him about it. That is such a guy reaction.

- Speaking of which, kudos to Bradley for delivering the hell out of that speech. I also didn't see that twist coming, so double points to the writers for that. I've gotten so used to the "Uther was a heartless bastard" thing, that it never occurred to me that Arthur might have done some crappy things too.

- Also nice to see Elyan getting something to do. All the knights were good this episode. I liked Percival being the one to lull Elyan into a false sense of security, since they have a sort of Those Two Guys vibe. I still don't know why Percival asked for his chain mail without sleeves, though.

- Creepy boy was suitably creepy. Elyan speaking with creepy boy's voice was silly.
donutsweeperdonutsweeper on March 11th, 2012 09:28 pm (UTC)
I loved this episode.

Omg, the Why do you have soup in your hair? Because he was reading- exchange. That bit cracked me up.

So much good in this episode- I really liked it as a way to introduce the idea that maybe Uther's stance on magic IS wrong and that Arthur knows it and is going to change it. There's a great fic set after this episode where the druids slowly come back and eventually Arthur and the others learn about Emrys and that he's considered the somewhat leader of the druids and has been in Camelot this whole time and they search for him.

I *love* the Percival/Elyan scene. We're your friend, it's okay, *BAM* There is definitely a vibe between them. There's actually a comm dedicated to their ship.

Creepy boy was MASSIVELY creepy. *shudders*

Oh and I loved the exchange between Merlin and Gaius early on with the 'you must never go back there'- I won't! (Eyebrow of DOOM) I'm not even lying this time!!