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And there's an extra day this year...

Bad Things That Have Happened So Far This February:
(not necessarily in chronological order)

- Shilling swallowed a chicken drumstick whole. We had to take him to be x-rayed. There were no ill effects, but we were quite stressed for a few days.
- The water dispenser on the fridge broke.
- I had a kidney stone attack.
- The back door lock broke and had to be replaced.
- The front door lock broke and had to be replaced. The front door lock was under a lifetime warranty. They no longer make said model of lock. We managed to find one in stock to replace it. It took my dad three tries to install it properly.
- The windshield on one of the cars was cracked and had to be replaced.
- On the way home from picking up newly windshielded car from the shop, the muffler fell off and had to be replaced.
- My mum had to have dental surgery (she's fine, but it was quite a procedure).
- My mum was reported at work for something she didn't do. It was all straightened up without any implication she might have done said thing, but it was very upsetting for her.
- The paper shredder in the computer room broke and sent shreds of paper everywhere.

Good Things That Have Happened So Far This February:
- Um....
- I wrote a story?
- And due to a mix up over aforementioned front door lock, we some how walked away with a free lock and a $99 credit for the hardware store, which they insisted on, even after my dad point out that we didn't need the credit.
- There were chocolates on Valentine's Day. Including one that managed to somehow have a rasperry and caramel filling simultaneously.

In other news, I grilled my mum on medical stuff for a fic last night and subsequently had a dream where I was working in a clinic, trying to look after patients without knowing how and desperately hoping no one would notice. It's okay brain, I don't think we'll be called on to do actual Burr holes at any point.
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