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Merlin: The Wicked Day

I dvr'd Merlin this week and I have to say the show seems much less choppy whe you can skip commercials.

Thoughts below the cut.

- um, show, could you stop killing off characters? Or at least stop making characters die as a result of Merlin failing to do something? Seriously, ouch.

- r.i.p Uther, I'm glad you got a moment of badassery before you went. Nice acting from both Anthony Head and Bradley James there.

- you know what I really like this season? The fact that they've let Merlin/Colin grow-up. The opening narration is finally calling him a 'young man' and it seems like Colin has lost some of his baby face and I like it. I like Merlin being proactive, even if it isn't going well for him. I like a more world weary Merlin.

- I'm glad they kept the first half of the show really light-hearted, as it could have been a really dark episode if they kept it too solemn. It's one of the oldest gags in the book, but I enjoyed Merlin being two characters at once. I like it when they let Bradley do comedy, because he really is very good at it. I especially like that Arthur clearly has no idea how to use a broom.

- so Arthur is king. I suppose that's good, but I hope it doesn't get on the way of his adventures. I do enjoy the roadtrips.
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