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21 January 2012 @ 10:15 pm
Merlin: The Wicked Day  
I dvr'd Merlin this week and I have to say the show seems much less choppy whe you can skip commercials.

Thoughts below the cut.

- um, show, could you stop killing off characters? Or at least stop making characters die as a result of Merlin failing to do something? Seriously, ouch.

- r.i.p Uther, I'm glad you got a moment of badassery before you went. Nice acting from both Anthony Head and Bradley James there.

- you know what I really like this season? The fact that they've let Merlin/Colin grow-up. The opening narration is finally calling him a 'young man' and it seems like Colin has lost some of his baby face and I like it. I like Merlin being proactive, even if it isn't going well for him. I like a more world weary Merlin.

- I'm glad they kept the first half of the show really light-hearted, as it could have been a really dark episode if they kept it too solemn. It's one of the oldest gags in the book, but I enjoyed Merlin being two characters at once. I like it when they let Bradley do comedy, because he really is very good at it. I especially like that Arthur clearly has no idea how to use a broom.

- so Arthur is king. I suppose that's good, but I hope it doesn't get on the way of his adventures. I do enjoy the roadtrips.
donutsweeper: merlin and arthurdonutsweeper on January 22nd, 2012 03:35 am (UTC)
I thought it was really interesting that it took 4 years for the opening to change from "boy" to young man. Colin was 25 when he filmed this season, it took them long enough to make that change!

Uther's death gutted me. oh my, SO so sad. And everyone did such a great job acting for it.