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Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall

Short review: Holy crap! That was awesome.

Long review: more incoherent than usual, I imagine,

- First off: acting. Acting! All around just...acting! Wonderful, wonderful acting. Every single damn person was excellent. I was pretty much okay until John started shouting 'he's my friend' and then lost it at 'just, don't be dead.' Martin Freeman, you sir are awesome. All through the episode, just the confidence in Sherlock in the face of all the crap and the reaction to Mrs. Hudson being 'shot' and then the whole 'suicide' scene and the psychologist scenes.

- Also, Benedict throughout the episode and as things start to unravel for Sherlock was great. I really, really like how he's brought Sherlock to be a more human human being very subtly, until his last conversation with John is like...normal. Benedict has a tough job in that Sherlock by nature has to be over the top, but I thought he did a really brilliant job with the more subtle things. His reaction to Molly reading him was great.

- I always really like it when actors get to show off their range in one part, and Andrew Scott played both Moriarty and 'Richard Brook' perfectly. I loved that Richard was an entirely, absolutely, different person than Moriarty and showed just how insane he is. I mean, I would have believed Richard's story and I know the truth. And I don't know if he anticipated Sherlock being there or was able to improvise that all on the spot, but either way, it was chillingly perfect. Andrew was recently on an episode of Garrow's Law and he's so brilliant at being Moriarty that I kept waiting for him to stab Garrow in the face.

- Thank you very much to Steve Thompson for giving Molly a moment to be not quite so pathetic. Her reading of Sherlock was superb and I'm assuming she's managed to do something awesome to keep Sherlock alive? At least I'm assuming that's what 'help' he needed from her. Unless it was just to not call the police and let him hide out in the lab.

- Great work from the cop crew too. Lestrade remains my boy by sticking up for Sherlock even in the face of overwhelming evidence. And Sally, despite doing what she did, manage to come off as a human being following a solid lead instead of the uber-bitch bent on revenge she could have been.

- I really liked the references to the original story, though the repeated 'the final problem' from Moriarty felt forced a bit.

- Not many laughs in this episode, though the whole handcuffed chase scene was great and for some reason I went 'bwah!' when Sherlock threw himself in front of a bus to attract the hit man. That's just the way Sherlock's mind works. And I love that John's reaction to 'I'm going to throw myself in front of a bus' was 'all right, sounds good'.

- Steve Thompson's writing was spot on. Good on you, sir!

- How the hell are they going to justify Sherlock surviving? I mean, falling into water and they never found the body, totally believable that you could come back. How do you survive throwing yourself off a building in full view of a street full of people and your best friend?

- No more Sherlock for now is very sad, but an excellent episode to go out on.
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