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Merlin: The Darkest Hour (pt.2)

Short thoughts: some nice acting, nice to see the characters developing, still felt choppy but definitely because of the commercials this time.

Long thoughts: spoilery and below the cut.

- First off, did you seriously just kill Lancelot? Can you even do that? Isn't that, like, against the rules of King Arthur? I am fully aware this may just be a temporary death and he'll come back at some point. You never know. And I sort of saw it coming what with neither Merlin nor Arthur being able to be killed and Santiago only having done one episode per series so far. Plus, I guess it's hard to do the love triangle thing on a show for kids, but still. I love Lancelot. He's cute and was so sweet with Merlin and his wonder at the water spirits in the drops was just beautiful.

- Merlin spewing Dragon is so badass! Seriously, when he was running through the woods just growling out parseltongue or whatever, that was awesome. One of the things I really liked about having Lancelot around is that Merlin could be badass in the open and not have to be surreptitious about it.

- Though, I would have liked to see a little more WTF? reaction from Lancelot in regards to the dragon. It went from 'I will kill it' to 'oh, Merlin's talking to it, I guess that's cool?' in a few seconds. The scene itself was awfully sweet, though. Merlin seems to have suddenly grown-up and gained confidence in himself. I liked that he wasn't asking for advice, he was just saying goodbye after he'd made up his mind.

- Colin's acting when he was about to sacrifice himself was wonderful, you could see all the fear and resolution on his face. He sort of looked like he was going to fall over all the time, though. I wasn't sure if that was a choice on Colin's part or if, as I have heard, he was sick during the filming and that's how it came across. Either way, it added a nice desperation to his scenes.

- Not much to say about Arthur and the knights, they were there for most of the episode, but didn't do much. I'm hoping this 'Gwaine acts like an idiot for comic relief' thing doesn't go on all season. He was humourous character, but at least capable last season, I don't want to see him turned into a clown. Plus poor Elyan (Elian?) and Percival did nothing all episode.

- The scene between Arthur and Merlin while the other knights slept was nice. I really do enjoy seeing Merlin get some confidence in himself.

- Guinevere standing up for herself was nice to see, too.
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