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The Science of Deduction and John Watson's Blog

Been having fun browsing through the fake websites the BBC has set up for Sherlock's Website and John's Blog. I was just trying to figure out when to set a story in the timeline they've set up, going by John's blog post dates, but I got distracted. They've done a very clever and thorough job of creating an extended universe. All sorts of new layers to play around with. I enjoy John's posts, but the comments are the best part. Especially this one. Sherlock's forum is great, too. I like that's he's apparently gotten stroppy because John's getting more attention than him.

Molly also has a blog, but despite the cheerful kitten theme, it's quite sad.

I would love to have the job of coming up with this stuff. It's like professional fanfiction.

I'm also fairly sure while was surfing, 'Moriarty' hacked into John's blog and posted. Which for some reason, I find very creepy.
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