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Merlin: The Darkest Hour

Space started showing Merlin Series Four last night. It felt a little choppy, but I don't know if that was actually the episode or the fact that there were commercials in a show that doesn't usually have them.

- I really like seeing all the knights running around and interacting with each other. I like how the show has been slowly building up to the Camelot we know from legend. Although I did feel that having all these new characters made it seem like we were jamming them in. Gwaine especially did very little this episode and seemed to only be there for comic relief.

- Was is just me or was Colin extra mumbly this episode? I could barely understand him. It's like he's somehow managed to combine his natural Irish mumbling with his British Merlin accent. It could just be a personal choice on his part, since Merlin was out of sorts for a lot of the episode.

- Nice to see Merlin and Arthur's relationship growing to something a little more than servant/master. Merlin seems to have asserted himself a bit.

- It's also good to have someone other than Gaius knowing about Merlin's magic. Having Lancelot around makes Merlin seem less alone in the world and I like that Lancelot just sort of accepts it and rolls with it.

- I like Lancelot being around in general, too.

- Kudos to the writers for having creatures that don't need a lot of CGI, but manage to be pretty damn creepy none the less. Also kudos to the actors who managed to make running around swinging torches not quite as ridiculous looking as it might have been.
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