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Happy Insert Your Celebration of Choice!

Happy Christmas and Hanukkah to those who are celebrating! Happy Sunday to those who are not.

We had our Christmas yesterday in French-Canadian style and opened all our presents. We did awesome this year with presents! Everyone loved everything and there was much, much joy. We got my dad an iPad and I have never seen him that excited about anything. He's normally a pretty level guy. Mum says she hasn't seen him that excited in the thirty-six years she's known him.

And the iPad is awesome. We've all been playing with it. I was able to read Ama my fanfic upstairs, sitting on my bed. It made the text all big and everything.

Ama and I watched The Blink Banker last night. She wouldn't continue any further in the series until there was a resolution for the cliffhanger at the end of the season. So I'm getting her ready for it.

I didn't manage to get the fics I wanted to write for Christmas done, but the one I didn't want to write for Christmas is actually going pretty well, so I guess I can't complain too much. I wish my brain would settle for nice, easy fics instead of these big, complicated ones it seems to think is so important.

Anyway, Mum and I decided to have a 'screw it' sort of Christmas this year - we weren't doing anything that wasn't absolutely necessary and it's been one of the nicest Christmases in awhile, so there you go. Hard work doesn't pay off folks.
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