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Musicy Memeage

Taken from joyfulfeather.

1. Open your music player. Hit shuffle. (Using your current playlist is acceptable.)
2. Record the first line or two from the first X number of songs that come up. Skip the instrumentals, but don't skip the embarassing ones.
3. Make hapless LJ denixens guess the song names and artists. Google is cheating. For songs from musicals, the name of the musical is acceptable in place of the artist. The original artist is acceptable in the case of covers.

(I skipped the ones in French and if it's from a musical, skipped to the singing, ignoring any spoken dialogue that might be ahead of it on the track)

1. Dear God, surround me as I speak/ The bridges that I walk across are weak

2. Sound the bugle now... play it just for me/As the seasons change... remember how I used to be
"Sound the Bugle" by Bryan Adams (guessed by bookblather)

3. I have lived in the darkness for so long/I am waitin' for the light to shine

4. Though I dreamed of this day long ago/Now my answer is thank you, but no.
"Find my Way/Finale" from Legally Blonde: The Musical

5. I was livin' in a fantasy/ Waitin' for somebody to rescue me

6. Tell me his name I want to know/ The way he looks and where you go
"Broken Vow" by Josh Groban (guessed by bookblather)

7. Who can say for certain/ Maybe you're still here

8. Those parties senior year/ I thought we ruled the world
"Serious (Reprise)" from Legally Blonde: The Musical (guessed by bookblather)

9. Cinderella's on her bedroom floor/ She's got a crush on the guy at the liquor store
"Fairytale" by Sara Bareilles (guessed by bookblather)

10. I can't conceal it / Don't you see?/ Can't you feel it?

11. Come and hold my hand/ I wanna contact the living

12. Every story, tale or memoir/ Every saga or romance
"Every Story is a Love Story" from Aida (sung by Michael Ball) (guessed by bookblather)

13. And the man walked through the acrid ash of heaven/ To the smoldering tree destroyed by Father's wrath

14. Journey over, all is mended/And it's not just for today

15. We could do a hundred things/Do anything you please.
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