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So, I was watching my Dresden DVDs today and I noticed a couple of things. (Mild spoilers for Things that Go Bump)

One thing I noted was that the upstairs to Harry's apartment is just a loft. It has no walls or doors. Which I could have SWORN it had in Things that Go Bump, because they take Mai up there and she's just gone. However, I noticed that when Harry runs up to check on her, she's lying on the floor (they couldn't have put her to bed, btw?) and there's no actual room. So, my description in my Child's Play story is wrong. Apparently in my reality Harry got bored one day and had a bit of money in the bank and said 'hey, I'm gonna build a wall here'. Which, come to think of it, I could probably write a story about...

The other thing I noticed was that Murphy works at the 27th District. So do the Rays and Fraser in Due South. This irked me, because I was hoping they'd be in different precincts so there was a reason they all hadn't run into each other before, should I decide to crossover. So, I guess I'll have to move one set of partners. Boo.

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