The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Memeage (OC Questionaire)

Taken from my fellow OC addict joonscribble.

1. Which OC of yours do you use the most?</b>
Definitely Fay. I don't mean to, but she just pops into most stories I write within the Dresden Files fandom.

2. Which OC of yours do you wish you could use more?
Dr. Forrester. I really like him, but I can only use him in medical situations or situations relating to Harry (you can't write a Dresden Files fic without something relating to magic or the main characters being involved, really) and as often as Harry hurts himself, Forrester's use is limited.

However, I've recently realized he could be connected with the Sherlock fandom fairly easily...

3. Which OC of yours do you wish you'd developed more?
Mal. I made him sort of too young to be much more than in the background being adorable, but I'm so afraid to age the kids up because I'm worried I can't go back to them being little or that people won't like them as older children or something.

4. Which OC of yours do you wish you'd developed less?
I live for backstory, so I don't feel I've overdeveloped anyone. You want to know how Mira's parents met? What her siblings names are? How old they? How many children they have? I can tell you. And none of them have ever appeared in a story, except for Gramma Katie.

Hell, I even do it for canon characters. Lestrade has a whole OC family in my mind. Sherlock has cousins. It's an addiction. I need help.

5. Which OC of yours do you plan on never using again?
None really. OCs are useful creatures who show up in the most unlikely places.

6. Which OC of yours do you plan on using again and again?

I'll probably use the mini!Dresden verse characters at least a few more times as I finish off my table. Hopefully most of my OCs get taken out for a spin every once in a while.
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