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Trick or Treating Question

When I was little, the schools used to give out Unicef boxes to take with us when we went trick or treating and people would put pennies in it when they gave you candy. Then you brought your boxes back to school and they would donate them to Unicef. I think this stopped when I was in about Grade Four or so, so a good...fifteen years at least. My dad says it's because people would steal the boxes and keep the money, but I don't know if that's true or not. Either way, we don't do it any more around here.

I was wondering if other places still do it, though. I know I've seen the boxes advertised in recent years, so I'm assuming it's still done somewhere. Can anyone shed some light on whether this still the Hallowe'en custom in your part of the world?

I'd also like to know when the apostrophe was dropped from Hallowe'en. It was drilled into us as children, I refuse to change my spelling just because the spellcheck doesn't approve.
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