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Scottie Spam

I took some Scottie pictures at the cottage, but we couldn't find the thing to connect the camera to the computer until now, so I couldn't share the pictures.

So, let's have some Scottie!spam, shall we?

Here is Ascii balancing quite easily on the arm of a rocking chair, in order to observe the goings on of the lawn:

Ascii also made sure we were not being attacked by the dreaded Chipmunks, by standing guard at the screen door and watching the wall where they lived:

She was frequently accompanied by her trusty assistant, Sir Shilling, who is unfortunately camera shy and so is only featured in action in this one photo:

Guarding the cottage is hard work, however, so sometimes Scotties need a break:

And, for randomness, here's the two (two!) puzzles we finished at the cottage (missing pieces not counting):

Tags: misc./non-fic, rantage and randomosity

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