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Small black dog for sale, slightly used

Ascii was sprayed by a skunk last night. This came after a day where she escaped through the fence to the neighbour's yard and chewed up one of the sticks from the popscicle maker I got for my birthday. Also on the heels of the day before, when she also escaped through the fence. We thought we had fixed the hole she'd gotten through, but it either wasn't the right one or she found another.

Yesterday's escape makes the fifth time she's made it out of the yard, despite being fenced in and my dad boarding over any conceivable gap in it he could find. A few weeks ago, we lost her for three hours after she got through the fence to the other neighbour's yard (which, of course, is not fenced in) and the neighbour across the street finally found her in his pool. Thankfully it was still tarped over, as Scottie's can't swim because their heads are too big and their legs are too short. Our breeder doesn't let her dogs go to homes where they have pools. She is one lucky girl.

Anyway, our house smells like a mixture of skunk, Febreeze and room spray. Plus, I've had Vick's under my nose, since I can't deal with bad smells at all. My mum taught me that trick - the OR staff put toothpaste under their nose if they're working on something especially foul smelling.

Ascii, once washed thoroughly with peroxide and baking soda, proceeded to run around the house like an idiot, whining to go out and chase the skunk. Shilling just looked very nervous and upset and confused.

She's been out cold on her back all day, clearly exhausted. Poor little - annoying - adorable thing.
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