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I has an Internet! A weak one, that only works in the far reaches of the cottage, but it is here and working, which is lovely. The cottage is lovely as always, not too hot here this year, just right. This is Ascii's first go at the cottage and she's like a little wind-up toy. She's already figured out how to get in the window to look out and she and Shilling spent most of last night with their heads between the slats of the blinds for the patio doors, on the alert for chipmunks. We had to beg Shill to come for dinner, he was too busy on patrol.

I watched Torchwood last night and to sum up - I liked it. I liked it for all the same reasons I haven't been liking the new season of Doctor Who. The Americanization really works for Torchwood, which was always more of an action show than a quirky, uniquely British thing. It wasn't as funny as the old series, and there was no nudity or f-bombs at all, which both nice and jarring. I'm hoping they'll stick with a more solid plotline, than the more 'hey, look what we can get away with' approach of the old series.

Also, Barrowman is very pretty in HD. Just sayin'.
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