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Yay me!

I had my birthday celebration on Sunday. My actual birthday was last Wednesday, but Mum was working evenings, so we waited until the weekend. Adam and Amalie came over and Adam made us each our own pizzas (which were awesome) and Mum made rhubarb cake for dessert (which was also awesome). I got some very nice presents (Ascii stole one while they were waiting to be opened and lay on the couch with her head on it), lots of books and some fun quirky things and a portable DVD player.

I was going to watch The Blind Banker with Ama but we got talking instead and ended up running out of time. Which is all well and good, because she won't watch The Great Game until there's a conclusion for the cliffhanger, so we've got plenty of time before then.

Mum and I watched the first episode of Lark Rise to Candleford on PBS, which I tentatively think I like and will like more once they stop the pledge break interruptions. In an hour show, three 8 minute breaks really disrupts the plot.

So it was a lovely day and I have been 25 for almost a week now and so far I'm pretty happy with it.
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