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Sherlock: Une Etude en Rose and Garrow's Law

Radio Canada has the first two episodes of Sherlock in French up for streaming and my inner French geek couldn't not watch 'Une Etude en Rose' when it was sitting right there, waiting for my consumption. I won't ramble too much about it, but I will say that Lestrade's voice is very good, Mycroft's voice is too young sounding and I have given Sherlock's voice actor a pass (he's an excellent ranter, not as good at being a bitch). I also love the translation of Sherlock's 'if inconvenient come anyway' text messages, which reads: Come now if possible. If not possible, come all the same', which just seems like the very definition of John and Sherlock's relationship.

Also, Sherlock telling Anderson to 'la ferme!' is somehow very satisfying.

Speaking of Sherlock and Sherlock actors, I have been watching Garrow's Law on PBS, which has Rupert Graves in it. It's based on the real life of William Garrow, rather loosely if Wiki is accurate. He was, I think, a reformer of the British judicial system in the 1700's, but I'm not familiar enough with British law or law in general to figure out exactly how he changed it. I just like to watch pretty people in pretty costumes talking to each other. And all the courtroom scenes remind me of British parliament, basically everyone is trying to insult each other in the most polite, posh way possible. Graves plays the rather unforgiving role of the rival to Garrow's love interest, one of those not very bright aristocratic type roles. I still like to watch him, even if his wig is doofy. Luckily I am trained in watching hot guys in doofy headgear from my Horatio Hornblower days.

In other news, is anyone else finding the 4.0 version of Firefox really unstable?
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