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Happy Spring Holidays and a Who Rant

First off, Happy Easter to those celebrating it! Happy Passover to those who celebrated that! And happy other holidays/Sunday to those who are doing that!

Next, I'm going to rant about the new Who episode. I was going to do it in a 'pros/cons' format, but I ended up sticking with the tried and true 'ranting in point form' method.

Overall, I liked the episode plotwise and I liked the epicness of it, both visually and story wise. If they could just tweak some of the weaker characters, I think it could be very awesome.

"The Impossible Astronaut pt. 1"
- The first thing I want to say is 'holy production values, Batman!' The episode was gorgeous looking, with beautiful, popping colours and a sharpness that we haven't seen before (none of the 'someone was playing with the Gaussian filter' of the previous series').

- However, this was also one of the many things that made me feel like they were trying to 'Americanize' the show. The 'here is the point of the show' V/O by Amy near the beginning really smacked of some American distributor asking for it in case viewers got confused. Sort of like they did with Due South, only those writers managed to turn that request into the hilarious 'I first came to Chicago on the trail of my father's killers' schtick. My first episode of Who was 'The Christmas Invasion' and I went into it only armed with the knowledge that there was a TARDIS and it travelled in time. I survived. Viewers are not as stupid as you'd like to think.

- I kind of miss the bad production values and special effects. It doesn't feel like Who unless someone is overacting about a special effect that is completely obvious.

- Showrunners, you've married Amy now. If you didn't like Rory, you killed him off, you didn't have to bring him back. But you did, so now show me anything that would make me believe Amy cares for him at all. Especially since Rory has been proven to be made of awesome.

- River Song is getting waaaay too Special Snowflake for me. She's getting worse with every appearance. No one can know more than the Doctor, no one can fly the TARDIS better than the Doctor. These are the rules, do not break them showrunners.

- The fact that the Doctor went on a time traveling spree while the kids were on their honeymoon makes me very happy. The idea of him purposefully putting himself in history books and movies to say hello to them is very Doctory.

- The music is gorgeous. Like, the best it's ever been.

- Hello Mark Sheppard! You are awesome, sir. I also find it amusing that a man who has made a career playing British people on American shows was cast as an American on a British show.

- I also really like the Doctor being all 'you are married now, go be domestic, I have no use for you'.

- Matt Smith remains the best thing about this show. Him and the music.

- Swearing on fish fingers and custard was very sweet. Even if it was devious.

- "I'm being extremely clever up here and there's no one to stand around looking impressed, what's the point in having you all?" ^_^

- I was also very pleased that they put Elisabeth Sladen's memorial at the beginning of the episode, where everyone would be sure to see it. We will miss you Sarah Jane.
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