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Scottie Spam

We've been sneaking pics of the Scotties, since Shilling is afraid of the camera and Ascii gets annoyed by the flash. So, I present cute Scotties being cute.

Asc spends most of her day in the window, on surveillance duty. She jumps into the chair, onto the arm and onto the window sill. Sometimes she even sleeps up there.

The chair is, of course, the main Scottie hang out. Suitable for sitting:


And sleeping:

As you can see, they are getting on pretty well. Ascii still growls sometimes when Shilling gets in the chair with her, but she'll get up with him quite happily. It took about six years for Shilling and Puzzle to get to this point, so we're doing pretty good for Ascii to have accomplished it in a few months. She still has to sleep in her crate at night because she's untrustworthy, but otherwise she acts like she's been here her whole life.
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