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Memeage for the win

Taken from joonscribble who took it from fannish5

Name your 5 favorite fictional marriages.

Some minor spoilers for The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Codex Alera, and the finale of Vicar of Dibley below. Well, major spoilers, really, but nothing you won't see coming the moment you begin reading/watching them.

1. The Weasleys (Arthur and Molly) from Harry Potter

Is there anything not adorable about these two? They're so in love and so sweet and so caring and well-meaning and will adopt you the moment they lay eyes on your little orphaned face. Plus, you should never try to hurt Molly's children. She will hunt you down.

2. The Blakeneys (Percy and Marguerite) from The Scarlet Pimpernel

These two are pretty much awesome in all versions and adaptations of their story. Sure, it starts off rough - they have a whirlwind romance, he thinks she's betrayed a friend of his to the guillotine, she thinks he's a foppish idiot when really he's saving aristocrats from the French Revolution. But who hasn't had things like that happen? In the end, they are both kickass and in love. Which is why A&E committed a huge sin by killing Margot off for the second series.

3. The Kennedys (Harry and Geraldine) from The Vicar of Dibley

I was trying not to include people who were technically speaking not married for the majority of their story, because I would consider those more 'fictional romances'. But these two are so lovely and clearly destined for a happy life that I will make an exception. Big girls everywhere can hope to meet a lovely man like Harry Kennedy, who will fall in love with your wit and charm right away, not have to do any cliche 'seeing past the fat to the inner beauty' lameness and give you a look like this: as you walk down the aisle in your pajamas.

4. The Sulleys (Byron and Michaela) from Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman

Mum and I have been renting the dvds from Zip recently. This used to be her favourite show when it was on and I love it too, now that I'm older. There is something very sexy about a straight-laced, strong woman being wooed by a wild, outdoorsy, can't-be-tamed man who accepts her for who she is.

5. The I-Don't-Think-They-Have-A-Last-Names (Bernard and Amara) from The Codex Alera

From the moment these two characters were on the same page, I wanted them to get together. And then they did, which almost never happens. He's a big sweetie and she's a former assassin-spy and they take turns saving each others lives, while being very cute along the way.
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