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It's time for another exciting round...

...of Tay asks Americans questions! *canned applause*

Could some kindly Yank on my flist (or two or three even) describe how a visit to the ER would go in the States? It's for fic and I know the Canadian health system works a bit differently (for nowish at least) than the American one. As a guideline for what I'm looking for, I've written out how it would likely go down in my local ER. I'm happy with anything from an outline to a more detailed account and I'm looking for info on walk-in cases, not someone who's arrived by ambulance.

- You walk into Emerg and sit down the triage area by the door. The triage nurse(s) will call people in by the order they arrived, unless someone is looking more grim than the others
- You get called in to their little cubby area and they take your BP and temp and take your Health Card and scan it. Then they ask what's wrong and make little notes on their notey paper. Then you're told to sit down and wait for the receptionist to call you.
- And then you wait. Anywhere from not too long to 'what are they doing back there?' long. Then your name gets called and you go up to the receptionist and she verifies your address, next of kin, family doctor etc. and gives you a temporary hospital bracelet. And your Health Card back.
- And then you wait. After awhile you get called by a nurse to go back to a bed bay or room.
- And then you wait. Eventually the resident comes to see you. She talks about what the problem is, orders any tests she thinks necessary and leaves to consult the attending. You wait for the nurse to come in and take your blood/give you a specimen jar/etc, or someone to take you to imaging for some sort of scan. You get that all finished...
-...And then you wait for the test results to come back and/or the attending to come and confirm the residents suspicions.
- And then you get discharged with your prescription/referral/kick in the ass. And it's about eight hours+ since you first got there and you can't remember where you parked.

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